Cărțile Virginiei (VIRGINIA’S BOOKS) offers customized training programs with a structure tailored to each participant’s personal objectives, his best personal way of learning – the goal being to optimize the relation between resource investment (time, money, personal effort) and results.

After each phase ends, a linguistic profile will be drawn for each participant in order to permanently be aware which his linguistic abilities are. Thus, the participant will, eventually, become the user of these profiles comprising his linguistic evolution. Just like in a book which, usually, comprises chapters and volumes, the intermediary profiles are the chapters that will form the participant’s BOOK/BOOKS.

The Program Phases

audit lingvistic

Linguistic Evaluation

The characteristics of this method rely on the rigorous initial diagnosis (linguistic audit) of the linguistic level, on understanding the immediate and future needs of the participant and on the pragmatic tailoring of the training program depending on each person’s particularities.


The Program

Within the training program, a prescription will be provided especially for each participant. The prescription will combine individual training sessions with personal trainer and participation in in interactive workshops within group discussions . During these sessions, customized scenarios will be created for each situation and profile and tailored together with the participant.

The prescription provided by VIRGINIA’s BOOKS will comprise those steps (modules of the program) by means of which the participant can reach his linguistic objectives.