On lemonade. A romantic approach.

He showed up out of nowhere carrying a small book in his right hand. He threw a glance at me and put the book down so that I could see the title: “How to make the lemonade of your life. A short guide for self-believers.”

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Writing for your life

“Attention everybody”, the warning went off into the unchallenged silence of the room, “A Window of Opportunity has just opened before you. What are you going to do about it?”


How plums and open questions get along

They don’t. I mean not in a direct way, to be more specific. There is no obvious connection between the fruit and this form of expression.
We can use the plums as a pretext for today and take them as a reference point for asking open questions.


Beyond appearance there is speech.

Have you ever tried to change your image by changing your appearance in some way? Most probably you have. People are sensitive about appearance and too often ready to make judgements according to what they can see with their eyes.


On language tailoring

A language. Words. Sounds. It’s what binds us. What differentiates the music we play in our brains when we think. It’s what colours the dramatic existence of our emotions.

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

“The world is not enough”…

…Raymond Benson would have said, thinking of his tenacious hero, Bond. What does this have to do with learning a foreign language? Everything.

You have to dare and keep asking questions and looking for answers.