What does it usually happen during the initial linguistic audit?

Going through the initial linguistic audit phase consists of having a discussion in a foreign language with the participant. This discussion usually lasts for about 30 to 60 minutes. During this conversation, the tester elicits a sample of the participant’s typical discourse. Based on this sample, the tester estimates the level at which the participant speaks in the foreign language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

How long does a customized program last?

A customized program comprises one or several modules depending on needs. On average a module comprises between 40 and 60 classes (a class is 45 minutes).

Who can participate in the programs?

The programs can be created for the adults or children who would like to develop their speaking ability in a foreign language.

The programs are especially developed for Romanian natives?

The programs can be developed for both Romanian natives and non-natives. The explanations during the sessions can be given in Romanian, English and French.

How do the individual sessions and interactive workshops combine with one another?

The program is developed according to each participant’s needs. The personal trainer decides the moments when the participant is ready to take part in the workshops together with other participants with similar levels of linguistic competence.

What scenarios are to be used during the customized program?

During the customized program scenarios corresponding to the type of subjects characterizing the participant’s level will be used. For example, level A1 and A2 scenarios will focus on concrete subjects, while level B1 and C1 scenarios will focus on both concrete and abstract subjects (opinions, hypothesizing).

Do customized programs for speaking include Listening, Reading and Writing development?

Speaking level development through the customized programs offered by Virginia’s Books does not exclude Listening, Reading and Writing level development. These will be selectively practised so that they might support the participant’s speaking level development.

What will the feedback offered to the participant look like?

The feedback will be continuously given after each session of the customized program. Also, each participant will benefit from an intermediary evaluation after finishing each module. This will consist both of a brief verbal after action review, immediately after the participant’s evaluation, never during the process and a detailed written report where the participant is given the details characterising his evolution during the program.