There it was: The Great Sea of the Four Winds. Right in front of his wondering eyes.

Fish had dreamed about it, but, frankly, he had never believed it really existed. His late father, God bless his soul, used to talk about it every time after he came back home from his sailing adventures.

Fish Senior had even drawn a map of the mysterious surroundings. He was on the point of composing a song about the unreachable depths of that sea, but then, later on, during some badly prepared fish swimming contest, he suddenly died. He got eaten by a most spectacular four-eared creature that nobody was willing to fight against to save him. And that happened because they did not understand what the monster actually was. Therefore, they even denied its very existence although they had seen it with their own eyes. “Maybe they were just shortsighted”, Fish thought to himself trying to remain calm and wise, “all his contest buddies”, he went on with his peaceful thinking. Who might possibly know? But everybody? The whole school of fish? …

People are often like that. On the contrary, fish used to help each other. They would support their families when in need. They would protect each other during the fishing season against human cruelty.
Anyway, in brief, all his father’s stories and especially – if he was to admit the bare truth – the daring thought that had been troubling his heart about the revenge on behalf of the old Fish, made him decide to leave his home, his wife and kids and start for a long and mysterious journey.

So, here he was on a personal quest for quenching his adventurous soul and for bringing justice to his father’s name.
Suddenly, one of his fins seemed to have bumped into a slippery surface. There was something rounded, something one could not get too attached to, something that felt like…glass?… Shortly he could spot the greenish sight of a bottle. He immediately noticed the yellow dance of an old letter inside the unexpected container. His eyes, big with surprise and curiosity, would not leave the wave where the bottle stood harboured waiting to be found and saved.
He kept diving around it until he managed to direct it towards the shore of a small island positioned in the neighbourhood. There he waited flanking the object until, luckily, some people came by looking for shells. It was not that he could not have read the message, for he had previously studied English at home, but it was impossible for him to leave the water and take the sheet of paper out of the bottle. Some things he could not do. He was not almighty.
He watched the group reading the message and saw their faces changing in astonishment.
He wondered what they could have found out by decoding those lines?

I am asking for a favour now, Reader.
When you have a creative moment, would you help Fish find out what was written in that message?
It would mean very much to him and it would probably help him go further at sea to fulfill his goals.
Fish the Adventurer is looking forward to receiving your message.

Yours faithfully,
The Story Writer