One day I found that I was full of hearts. A most unusual itinerary of tiny red tick-tacking throughout my body not letting my thoughts flow anymore as they used to. I was multi-hearted. First, I got frightened. Of course, the situation was medically abnormal and socially and personally far from being tackled by anyone. You would have gone frightened too, had it happened to you.

While I was wondering what the wisest thing to do would be under these awkward circumstances, I stumbled and almost fell – of course I was head in the clouds! – trying not to walk on it… Come on, who would leave their heart in the middle of the road like that? Unattended? Alone? He must be a fool, I said to myself. Only if… oh, no, I hope this is not the case here! But then I watched again and yes, I was right…unfortunately…It was a broken heart!…

Ok, what shall I do now? Shall I fix it? Can I fix it? Everybody knows you cannot fix a broken heart. At least not immediately. It takes time and determination. And I already had a problem myself! Having several hearts is not that easy to cope with, you know… And then, whose heart might that broken one be? And just as it happens only in great mystery stories, the answer dawned on me under the form of the rightful owner of the broken treasure. He was coming back for the heart since he discovered it was better with it than without it. That broken as it was.

“Hello” I said “is this your heart?”
He looked at me as if he didn’t know the language and bent for the heart trying hard not to spoil its margins and finally managed to place it in its original mould.
“Your heart is broken” I tried again, “would you like another one? I have just found I have several and I’m not using them all right now… so, if you would like, I can give you one… for free… it’s only that I’d like to hear news about it after some time… It’s not the same size as your broken one indeed, but if you believe you can handle it, I can give you two… What do you say?