They don’t. I mean not in a direct way, to be more specific. There is no obvious connection between the fruit and this form of expression.

It is known that open questions reveal a whole cluster of information about our environment. They support our everyday activities and contribute to building up the stairs to individual survival and, hopefully, personal becoming.

We can use the plums as a pretext for today and take them as a reference point for asking open questions. They are one of the symbols of autumn and we are currently in the middle of autumnal occurrences such as school and learning. Somehow, plums and training show an effervescent development within the same beautifully coloured season.

Let’s get to work, then!
Look at the picture and ask as many open questions as you can about this fruit.
I will give you some examples and I will use the same verb. So, only if you change the verb, the possibilities are endless.

Who picked the plums?
What did he pick?
How did he pick the plums?
Why did he pick the plums?
Where did he pick the plums from?
When did he pick the plums?

Isn’t it getting funnier now? Imagine you would be able to ask all the questions you need in a foreign language. How would that change the professional and personal perspectives for you? Now it is about some plums, tomorrow it can be about a very demanding professional project, about a company fusion or an important business meeting or even about saving your job.
What are you going to do about it? Are you going to learn how to ask your questions in a foreign language and be competitive? Or are you going to give up and hope that having to ask questions will not happen to you or that your sweet smile will save the day again?

I hope you will decide to practise and get better at speaking in a foreign language. Then you will be prepared for the next business talk or networking presentation that will come up in your agenda.

By the way, in case you are wondering, the plums in the picture tasted exactly like this September day: sweet, perfumed and so glamorously purple.
Enjoy today and do something for your self-fulfillment!