Lemonade = a drink made with the juice of lemons, water, and sugar.
Usually. But there are times, though, when an extraordinary happening awaits.

I woke up this morning, washed my face and made an inspirational coffee. I sipped at it for a few seconds delighted at its bitterness and, finally, had the courage to look into my agenda. I decided to stop at the most difficult thing to make, the one I had been putting off for some time: the lemonade.
I started encouraged by an easily explainable eagerness. Then, everything happened at the very moment when I was diligently trying to sweeten its sourness…

He showed up out of nowhere carrying a small book in his right hand. He threw a glance at me and put the book down so that I could see the title: “How to make the lemonade of your life. A short guide for self-believers.”

“You’d better have a look”, he said, “or else you’ll ruin everything.” I felt a little annoyed at his patronizing remark. Then I wanted to fight back offering him some of the bright beverage to prove my mastery in this respect. He gently refused and asked, “Where did you take the sugar from?” “Does it matter??”, I replied, more and more convinced that yes, I should have never started before a thorough study of the ingredients. “Of course, it does. Read the book!”
Then I opened the volume.

And suddenly I felt as if I had landed on the right planet… I must have mistaken the coordinates, or the wind might have been too strong and turned my ship sideways… but the result was perfect. I knew it for sure when the sunshine visited my room and I opened my eyes into the sparkling light. And understood that it happened immediately after I had added the sweetener. Because there is always a sweetening element around. You just have to wish to see it.

So the secret was to find the Sweetness because it was there. In different shapes and colours, it could be white sugar (not very healthy, indeed…), it could be the brown kind (a safer version, they say…) or some may have honey instead (a wise thing to do!).

Hopefully, there is always a positive choice to make. There is always the chance of getting a delicious lemonade. Probably, the lemonade of a lifetime.